Wendy & Daniel’s Wedding Day

Wendy was one of the first brides that I had the pleasure to photograph and she took a chance on me being new. I am so happy that she gave me the opportunity to do this, as I have found that it is an absolute joy and passion. I dove in with both hands, and I did everything from bag carrying to information wrangling and of course, photographing the fantastic day. It was both terrifying and thrilling since we had not previously, but, as it turns out, I learned a lot, and it was much more enjoyable than I ever expected. I found that the pressure and the emotion is exhilarating and very much fulfilling for my soul creatively. Pushing the boundaries is not something I do normally; I like to stay within my comfort zone, but this was a huge step that made me feel really great about doing something new. Thank you Wendy and Daniel; it was a beautiful day and the beginning of a beautiful passion for myself as well.

We got ready at the Leeds Met Hotel and then made our way over to Leeds City Hall for the biggest wedding factory I had ever seen. They literally have wedding parties cueing up to get into the rooms – there were 3 apparently, all with registrars and all expecting at least 8 – 10 weddings each day. The venue is breathtaking with the massive columns that flank the building, and gothic features that date the building in a very pleasant way. We then made our way back to the Met Hotel for the reception. The modern and stylish venue is perfect for trendy and outgoing people looking for a central location in Leeds to hold a wedding, very handy to the train station.



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